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Khanberbatch Transcribed

Transcript of Benedict Cumberbatch's John Harrison/Khan speaking scenes

Scene 1: London

John Harrison: I can save her.

Thomas Harewood: What did you say?

John Harrison: Your daughter. I can save her.

Thomas Harewood: Who are you?

Scene 2: Kronos

Spock: Stand down.

John Harrison: How many torpedoes?

Spock: Stand down!

John Harrison: The torpedoes. The weapons you threatened me with in your message. How many are there?

Spock: 72

John Harrison: I surrender.

James Kirk: On behalf of Christopher Pike, my friend, I accept your surrender. (proceeds to beat John Harrison up)

Uhuru: Captain!

John Harrison. Captain.

James Kirk: Cuff him.

Scene 3 (Prison cell on the Enterprise)

Bones: Put your arm through the hole. I'm going to take a blood sample.

John Harrison: Why aren't we moving, Captain? An unexpected malfunction, perhaps on your warp core? Leaving you stranding on the edge of Klingon space?

Bones: How the hell do you know that?

James Kirk: Bones.

John Harrison: I think you'd would find my insight valuable, Captain. Ignore me, and you will get everyone on this ship killed.

James Kirk: Let me explain what's happening here. You are a criminal. I watched you murder innocent men and women. I was authorized to end you. And the only reason why you are still alive is because I'm allowing it. So shut your mouth.

John Harrison: Oh, Captain, are you going to punch me again over and over until your arm weakens. Clearly you want to. So tell me. Why did you allow me to live?

James Kirk: We all make mistakes.

John Harrison: (makes negating noise) I surrendered to you because despite your attempt to convince me otherwise you seem to have a conscience, Mr Kirk. If you did not, it would be impossible for me to convince you of the truth. 23174611. Coordinates not far from Earth. If you want to know why I did what I did, go and take a look.

James Kirk: Give me one reason why I should listen to you.

John Harrison: I can give you 72. And they're on board your ship, Captain. They have been all along. I suggest you open one up.

Scene 4 (Prison cell on Enterprise)

James Kirk: Why is there a man in that torpedo?

John Harrison: There are men and women in all those torpedoes, Captain. I put them there.

James Kirk: Who the hell are you?

John Harrison: A remnant of a time long past. Genetically engineered to be superior so as to lead others to peace in a world at war. We were condemned as criminals. Forced into exile. For centuries we slept, hoping when we awoke, things would be different. But as a result of the destruction of Vulcan, your Starfleet began to aggressively search distant quadrants of space. My ship was found adrift. I alone was revived.

Kirk: I looked up John Harrison. Until a year ago, he didn't exist.

John Harrison: John Harrison was a fiction created the moment I was awoken by your Admiral Marcus to help him advance his cause. A smokescreen to conceal my true identity. My name is Khan.

James Kirk: Why would a Starfleet Admiral ask a 300-year-old frozen man for help?

Khan: Because I am better.

James Kirk: At what?

Khan: Everything. Alexander Marcus needed to respond to an uncivilized threat in a civilized time, and for that, he needed a warrior's mind. My mind. To design weapons and warships.

Spock: You are suggesting that the Admiral violated every regulation he vowed to uphold simply because he wanted to exploit your intellect?

Khan: He wanted to exploit my savagery. Intellect alone is useless in a fight, Mr Spock. You, you can't even break a rule, how would you be expected to break bone? Marcus used me to design weapons. To help him realize his vision of a militarized Starfleet. He sent you to use those weapons. To fire my torpedoes on an unsuspecting planet. And then he purposefully crippled your ship in enemy space, leading to one inevitable outcome. The Klingons would come searching for whoever was responsible and you would have no chance to escape. Marcus would finally have the war he talked about, the war he always wanted.

James Kirk: No, no. I watched you open fire in a room full of unarmed Starfleet officers. You killed them in cold blood.

Khan: Marcus took my crew from me.

James Kirk: You are a murderer.

Khan: He used my friends to control me. I tried to smuggle them to safety by concealing them in the very weapons I had designed. But I was discovered. I had no choice but to escape alone. But when I did, I had every reason to suspect that Marcus had killed every single one of the people I hold most dear. So I responded in kind. My crew is my family, Kirk. Is there anything you would not do for your family?

Hikaru Sulu. Proximity alert, sir. There's a ship at warp heading right for us.

James Kirk: Klingons?

Khan: At warp? No Kirk, we both know who it is.

Scene 5: Medical Bay

James Kirk: Tell me everything you know about that ship.

Khan: Dreadnought class. Two times the size, three times the speed. Advanced weaponry. Modified for a minimal crew. Unlike most Federation vessels it's built solely for combat.

James Kirk: I will do everything I can to make you answer for what you did. But right now I need your help.

Khan: In exchange for what?

James Kirk: You said you'd do anything for your crew. I can guarantee their safety.

Khan: Captain, you can't even guarantee the safety of your own crew.

Scene 6: Enterprise Hallway

James Kirk: (to Scotty) We're coming over there. As soon as we've moved the Enterprise into position as we speak.

Scotty: To this ship? How?

Khan: There's a cargo door; hangar seven, access point 101A. You need to find the manual override to open that airlock.

Scene 7: Launch pad

Khan: Did you find the manual overrirde?

James Kirk: (speaks over Khan) The manual override, Scotty?

Scotty: It's not easy. Give me two seconds, ya mad bastard! Okay, okay. I'm set to open the door.

James Kirk: You ready?

Khan: Are you?

Scene 8: Space

Spock: Khan, use evasion action. There is debris directly ahead.

Khan: I see it.

Scene 9: Still in Space

Khan: My display is still functioning. I see you Kirk. You're two hundred meters ahead of me at my one o'clock. Come to your left at two degrees and follow me.

Scene 10: Aboard the Vengeance

Khan: They'll know we're here. I know the best way to the bridge.

James Kirk: They're locked to stun.

Khan: Theirs won't be.

James Kirk: Try not to get shot.

Scotty: They're gonna have full power and we're walking.

Khan: The turbolifts are easily trapped and Marcus would have us in a cage. This path we're taking runs adjacent to the engine room. They know they won't be able to use their weapons here without destabilizing the warp core, which gives us the advantage.

Scotty: Where'd you find this guy?

James Kirk: It's a long story.

Scotty: I don't mean to tempt fate here, but where is everybody?

Khan: The ship was designed to be run by a minimal crew. One if necessary.

Scotty: One?...(fight breaks out)...Where's Khan?...Where is he?

James Kirk: Shit.

Khan: This way.

Scene 11: Aboard the bridge of the Vengeance

Khan: You should have let me sleep. (Crushes the skull of Admiral Marcus)

Scene 12: Still aboard the bridge of the Vengeance

Khan: I'm going to make this very simple for you. Your crew for my crew.

Spock: You've betrayed us.

Khan: (mockingly) Oh, you're smart, Mr Spock.

James Kirk: Spock. Don't--

Khan: Mr Spock, give me my crew.

Spock: What will you do when you get them?

Khan: Continue the work we were doing before we were banished.

Spock: Which as I understand it involves the mass genocide of anyone you find to be less than superior.

Khan: Shall I destroy you, Mr Spock? Or will you give me what I want?

Spock: We have no transporter capabilities.

Khan: Fortunately mine are perfectly functional. Drop your shields.

Spock: If I do so, I have no guarantee you will not destroy the Enterprise.

Khan: Well let's play this out logically then Mr Spock. Firstly, I will kill your captain to demonstrate my resolve. Then if yours hold, I will have no choice but to kill you and your entire crew.

Spock: If you destroy our ship, you will also destroy your own people.

Khan: Your crew requires oxygen to survive. Mine does not. I will target your life-support systems located behind the aft nacelle. And after every single person on board your ship suffocates, I will walk over your cold corpses to recover my crew. Now, shall we begin?

Spock: Lower shields.

Khan: A wise choice, Mr Spock. I see all 72 torpedoes are still in their tubes. If they are not mine, Commander, I will know it.

Spock: Vulcans do not lie. The torpedoes are yours.

Khan: Thank you, Mr Spock.

Spock: I have fulfilled your terms. Now fulfill mine.

Khan: Well, Kirk. It seems apt to return you to your crew. After all, no ship should go down without her captain.

Scene 13: On board the heavily damaged Vengeance

Khan: No. No!

Scene 14: On board the falling Vengeance

Khan: Set destination. Starfleet headquarters.

Vengeance: Engines compromised. Cannot guarantee key destination. Confirm order.

Khan: Confirmed.

End of Khan's speaking scenes in the movie.

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