Sunday, May 12, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Google Play Interview: The Ever Loquacious Benedict Cumberbatch

His ability to ramble on and on and go completely and utterly off tangent is just simply phenomenal. As a former journalism major, I'd say he can be a dream or a nightmare to interview depending on how you go about writing up your interviews. Must be incredibly challenging to try and condense all that material he gushes at you into whatever limited print space your editor allots you.

Still, better a garrulous interviewee than a taciturn one, I should think.

Oh, and this is how Times journalist Caitlin Moran describes him as an interviewee subject in her latest interview with him, What’s not to love about "Benedict Cumberbatch?:

"Here’s what it’s like interviewing Benedict Cumberbatch: a bit like interviewing a waterfall. It won’t really answer any of your questions, but it’s fabulous to watch. It’s not that it’s trying to ignore or avoid your questions – God, no. It is endlessly, eagerly forthcoming, and shows a touching courtesy towards the whole notion of being interviewed."

Hmm, like interviewing a waterfall huh. Quite an apt metaphor I'd say, seeing as he seems to speak only in paragraphs.

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