Monday, May 6, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch: His guest roles in British TV series from 2002 to 2003

Hills Like White Elephants: Scoured the Internet but was not able to find video of it. Cumberbatch is credited as The Man. This is a short film adapted from a short Ernest Hemingway story of the same name. Interesting trivia: Benedict Cumberbatch worked with Todd Boyce (who plays CIA trained killer Neilson in Scandal of Belgravia) in this short film and did not see each other again until Scandal of Belgravia.

Fields of Gold: Plays a journalist with aspirations of writing a novel. He's seen in Season 1 episode 2 and 3. Interesting trivia: In episode 3 he shares a scene with Philip Davis, a fellow journalist. Davis plays the cabbie that Cumberbatch's character Sherlock faces off in Study in Pink.

Tipping the Velvet: Plays a fisherman dating a girl who later realizes that she is a lesbian. At the risk of sounding like I am typecasting Cumberbatch as someone who is only good at playing posh roles, he does for some unfathomable reason look out of place in this role as a fisherman.

Silent Witness: Cumberbatch plays a medical student here. His role is more substantial than either Fields of God or Tipping the Velvet. Interesting trivia: The girl who rejects him in one scene is actually played by his then-girlfriend Olivia Poulet, who later on also acts alongside him in The Blind Banker as Amanda, Eddie Van Coon's secretary/mistress who ends up with the 9 million pound hairpin. Also, Tom Ward, who is the doctor that Cumberbatch's character interact with in his first scene in the movie, later on plays Roger Penrose in Hawking, in which Cumberbatch stars in as the titular character.

Cambridge spies: A very small cameo here as Edward Hand.

Spooks: Plays a character who is pretty thick. Bit different from all the intelligent roles he later plays. He does thick pretty well here. Proves he can do more than play intelligent roles.

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