Friday, January 4, 2013

The Dancing of the Seasons

Draped in a dress of dun,
Drab brown,
Speckled with snow.

Only brambles, twigs
And withered leaves
Remain frozen
Within the Winter Damsel’s braids.

She twirls and sheds
Her snowy shift,
For a green garment
Of vivid verdant hue.

Flower blossoms shower down,
Like breeze-blown feathers:
Lilies, irises and honeysuckles,
From the lustrous locks
Of The Spring Maiden.

She leaps and
Adopts a pose,
Burning bright like daffodils.
In a fancy frock
Of incandescent yellow.

As She gaily spins,
Grains like rain
Patter down from
Stalks of wheat, corn,
Barley, oat and rye
Adorning the Summer Girl’s
Fair flaxen hair.

Gracefully She pirouettes.
Now robed in a rustling
Russet red raiment,
Her henna tresses hang
Heavy with amber acorns,

As the Autumn Lass
Celebrates Nature’s
Ever changing dance.